Cellular boosters or repeaters fix issues with cell phone reception in places that normally wouldn’t receive signal. For example a Spanish tile roofed home with stucco walls, or a home out in rural areas far from cell phone towers. This is achieved by pulling the signals that do exist higher up in the air or outside of a structure with a directional (Yagi) antenna. Then bring that existing signal back into the home or business over coaxial network to an amplifier and redistributing it throughout the dwelling using internal antennas.  Now this is a simplified method of explaining it, but much more is involved.

With cellular boosters an on-site observation is required to correctly address connection issues. We use HiBoost and Wilson products which come with a 3 year warranty! If your wanting a cell booster installed please call us at (469) 321 – 0507 or email us at info@dallasantenna.com. We will return your message as soon as possible. Please keep in mind if you have no signal outside of the dwelling, chances are there is not enough signal to be amplified.





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