Digital TV antennas are still a great way to receive local channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, ION and more all for FREE! And the options for DVR’s are plentiful with Airbox, Tivo, Tablo, Channel Master and more. So the question is what works for me?  Well that all depends on your location and preferences of what you want to watch. Give us a call and we can help suggest what might work best for you.


Our installation starts when you call in for an estimate.  We utilize TVfool by entering your physical address and determining what broadcast towers you will be have access to. What your signal strength for your location is, and what part(‘s) will most likely be needed for your installation based off your signal strength.  Once we are at your home we figure out where the best spot will be to put the outdoor antenna by utilizing a ATSC meter.  Once we have found a suitable location and mounted the antenna we bond (ground) it in accordance with NEC (National Electric Code) specs.  From there we hook it up to your TV’s and check signal again to ensure a good experience.  At this point we can setup a DVR to work with your antenna.


What is an Over-the-Air Antenna?
Over-the-Air Antenna’s have been around since the beginning of home TV and comes in different shapes and sizes.  It allows you to get TV broadcast from stations like Fox, CBS, ABC, PBS, ION and many more.   It connects directly to the tuner connection on your TV or to a digital set top box for older TV’s. This then allows you to get your local TV stations with NO monthly a fee!
What channels do I get?
The following is a list of channels for the Dallas/ Fort Worth  Metroplex. It some areas we have seen channel counts as high as 127! (Subject to change)
Dallas TV Stations 2016
Do I get reception?
Reception depends on location and the model of antenna you choose.  Reception can usually be achieved with the correct antenna and a proper installation.  Indoor antennas usually don’t work in newer homes because of the building materials (Radiant Barrier) used. But there are plenty of low profile antennas that can be placed outside or in an attic without radiant barrier to get great reception.
How much do antennas cost?
Antennas vary in price but usually run about $99 to a $150 for one that works well in the D/FW area.  Size and cost do not always make for a better reception.  We choose Antenna Directs Clear Stream models because they are low profile antennas that get great reception for its small size (24″ x 18″).  We also utilize the large terestrial antennas for areas that get poor reception or are further out from the broadcast towers.
Does weather affect my reception?
Usually weather does not affect reception.  You will not have the same issues that most satellite providers have in the rain.  Ice and snow would be the main reasons for poor reception.
Can I still have a DVR?
Yes you can still have a DVR.  There are a few options for DVR’s with antennas but our recommendation is Tablo, TiVo or Channel Master.
Can I have an antenna and keep my current TV provider?
Yes.  An antenna can be placed along side your cable or satellite provider as backup.  This will help if you have problems with reception of satellite during bad weather or if there are disputes between your service provider and the local TV stations that cause channel blackouts.  Extra wiring might be required.
Do I need a Digital to Analog Converter (DTA)?
For older tube TV’s and some older flat panel TV’s you will need a DTA.  Also there are some TV’s out there that the tuner cards are not very good and will also need a DTA to acquire the signal. In some home theater installs a DTA might be needed so you have an HDMI output.  DTA’s are normally $30 – $99 dollars.
How many TV’s can I put an OTA antenna on?
As many as you want providing you put an amplifier in to boost the signal as you split it off to different TV’s.



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