The Airbox DVR integrates your local programming and also offers Starz, Showtime and Epix and Pay-Per-View events including UFC, WWE, and Showtime Boxing.  Airbox is a different kind of DVR because it does not require an internet connection, it receives everything through the antenna via ION channel 68.1.  Monthly packages start at $10 a month for only the DVR service and $20 a month for a movie package – or you can get all 10 movie channels and DVR service for $46 a month, plus tax.  If you are just looking for a HD convertor box with access to an on-screen guide, choose the Airbox HD receiver. You’ll still have access to premium movie channel packages starting at $20/month with no minimum monthly fee. The best thing about Airbox besides the fact that you don’t have to have internet service is their equipment pricing.  The dual tuner 500GB DVR box is $179.99 and their HD box is $99.99. With pricing that low it makes cutting the cord the cheapest.



Tivo is in a class of its own when it comes to DVR’s.  With a monthly subscription fee of $16 with tax, plus an internet connection for the guide and streaming services it’s well worth the money.  Especially if you’re looking for a very user friendly way to cut the cord.  Tivo Bolts are $299.00 for the 500GB and $399.00 for the 1TB and both come with 4 tuners.  One thing that should have been implemented in all remotes a long time ago is a remote finder and the Bolt offers this.  Whole home DVR service comes with the service with the addition of Tivo Mini’s at $149.99 (each) per box.  Something Tivo does that makes them stand apart from all service provider DVR’s is the integration of local TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more into the DVR service.  So if there is a show you want to watch the Tivo will automatically find out if that show is on local TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or any other streaming service available.


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