Dallas Antenna Services
At Dallas Antenna, we take care to provide our customers with high quality service personalized for their unique needs. Pricing varies due to many reasons, ie distance from broadcast towers, terrain, elevation changes, antenna size, etc. Please give us a call / email and we can get you an accurate quote for your exact needs. Please note that the most important part of cord cutting is the home network, if you have trouble with your WiFi already it is a good idea to upgrade your router and / or add more access points. For other services we can also offer recommendations for DVRs and streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, Prime), making cutting the cord as simple as possible! We offer other services such as assistance with DirecTV service calls and installation. DirecTV service calls can at times be scheduled out for weeks! We can typically set an appointment much, much sooner and resolved issues with 771 and 775 error codes. Other services offered: Pre / Post Wiring of Teleco & Data outlets, Cross Connects for businesses changing phone providers, Small Business Networking, Cat5 cabling, Cat6 cabling, Switches, Routers, and Wireless Access Points. Not only do we install antennas, but we can also remove unused antennas and satellite dishes from your property. Contact us if any of these services may be of any help to you! All services rendered by Dallas Antenna comes with a 1 year warranty on craftsmanship.
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