Here at Dallas Antenna we strive to provide competitive pricing. By doing so we flat rate all of our pricing on antenna installations. Below is a basic layout of our pricing:

$269 Customer Provided Antenna Installation

$349 We Provide Antenna with Lifetime Warranty (Clear Stream 2) 

$69 Pre Amplifier (Boost Incoming Signal)

$69 Post Amp/ AKA House Amp (4 or 8 port amp, Boost Signal Inside the House Through Cable)

$99 New outlet (Ethernet or Coaxial)

* We do not move electrical outlets nor do we run power thru wall, an electrician is needed *

$149 Mounting of TV (Customer Provides Mount)

$199 Mounting of TV (Provided Mount – Basic Tilt)

$80 an hour for service calls + Trip charge

$50 Trip charge within 40 miles

*Make sure existing Coax line isn’t being used for cable internet, the signals overlap and can NOT be used of the same line.