Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What channels will I get with an antenna?

A: All of the primary local channels such as: Fox 4, NBC 5, ABC 8, CBS 11, PBS 13, KTXA 21, Univision 23; sub channels in English, My 27, CW 33, ION 68. They also broadcast sub channels, for example channel 8 has a total of 3 channels. We have received up to 131 channels!


Q: What type of antenna does Dallas Antenna install?

A: Clear Stream 2 is our most popular choice, but we also carry large format Winegard antennas.






Q: Does weather affect my reception?

A: Unlike satellite providers, a properly installed OTA TV antenna will likely never lose picture in a storm or high winds. For severe weather, this is critical, and something we take a lot of pride in.


Q: Can my antenna be mounted inside?

A: Antennas can be mounted in attics as long as you don’t have radiant barrier and assuming you have adequate signal outside. This is great for neighborhoods that have a HOA.







Q: I have a HOA, can I still have an antenna?

A: Yes, under FCC law antennas are protected. “The rule (47 C.F.R. Section 1.4000) has been in effect since October 1996, and it prohibits restrictions that impair the installation, maintenance or use of antennas used to receive video programming.”



Q: How much money can I save?

A: The average customer saves roughly $100 a month!


Q: I’m a sports fan, is cutting the cord for me?

A: Yes! Local games are typically broadcast on local channels. For those that are not, SlingTV has a great sports package that will still save you some serious cash!


Q: Can I still use a DVR?

A: Absolutely, there are many options available. Channel Master, TiVo, and Tablo are some great options.


Q: Will an antenna work with my TV?

A: Most TVs built after 2007 will have an ATSC tuner built in, even some of the older tube TVs have them. Look for a DTV ready sticker or a simple Google search of the model number should give you the correct answer.  If you have an older tv you can still receive the digital antenna signal using a digital converter box (DTA).


Q: I have tried using an indoor antenna but I can’t get channel 8, why is that?

A: Most of the indoor antennas are not designed to receive VHF channels. Channel 8 in DFW is the only major VHF broadcast station. That’s why choosing the correct antenna is so important!


Q: What is the picture quality like?

A: Uncompressed 1080p, 5.1 surround sound. In other words, it blows the cable company out of the water. Most customers are truly amazed at how good the picture quality is!


Q: Can I use an antenna as a back up during storms with my satellite provider?

A: Yes you can! We can use diplexers to split the frequencies and use satellite and antenna on the same coaxial cable.


Q: How many TVs can I connect to the antenna?

A: This answer is limitless. With the correct network in place, an antenna could provide signal for an entire city. Typically up to 4 before an amplifier is needed, although this is based on a good signal area.


Q: How big are the Clear Stream 2 antennas?

A: 24in wide and 18in tall, very small yet very powerful!










Q: How long does installation take?

A: Typical installation is 1 to 2 hours.